Nick is a best-selling author, with his latest book, The American Boomerang, having made the Amazon Best-Seller list. The book has been endorsed by both Col. Allen West and Governor Mike Huckabee.

The American Boomerang

Is America still the world’s most celebrated and beloved superpower? Is this great nation poised for an amazing American century—or instead for a slow descent into mediocrity?

In The American Boomerang, possibly one of the most important books of our time, philosopher and author Nick Adams explores America through sympathetic Australian eyes.

In this fresh look, a conservative Adams reveals the turnaround nature of Americans, or their “boomerang spirit.” Optimistic while pragmatic, The American Boomerang makes the case for American exceptionalism, and continued American dominance throughout this century. It takes us from founding to the present, sharing an inspiring vision along the way, and makes the case that American values are conservative values, and to preserve its exceptionalism, America must remain a center-right nation. Despite the prophets of gloom, in the eyes of outsider Nick Adams, “America the Great” will only continue to become greater.

Exceptional America: A Message of Hope from a Modern-Day de Tocqueville

The worsening debt crisis, the plague of political correctness, and the threat to personal freedoms would make a lesser nation and her people crumble. Yet Americans possess an unrelenting desire for a better life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As Australian Nick Adams travels throughout America celebrating the character of her citizens and the causes she champions, he provides a historical roadmap, connecting our doggedly determined past with our uncharted future.

Exceptional America takes you into the heart of the nation as you rediscover that those ingrained qualities of her people that first made her a superpower are the same that make America so exceptional today, and the same that will secure our destiny.

America: The Greatest Good

Is America the indispensable nation, and if so, what makes us unique?

Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to help us answer those questions. Young Australian Nick Adams does this, with his analysis of America based on his travels stretching coast to coast.

His fresh look at our culture is deep and his insights brilliant, examining everything from patriotism to Christianity. The conclusions in America: The Greatest Good are profound, and leave the everyday American with a refreshed and newfound appreciation their nation.

Flying the flag of freedom.