Canada Senate to Hold Televised Hearing on Marijuana Legalization

Canada’s Senate will be holding a hearing soon to discuss the nation’s effort to legalize marijuana. The hearing will be televised, a rarity for the Senate.

According to CTV, Senate leadership has announced that they will soon be holding a televised hearing where they will question Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, and justice and health parliamentary secretary Bill Blair. The questions will be regaring C-45, a bill to legalize marijuana that recently passed the nation’s House of Commons. The measure would allow those 18 and older to posses and use marijuana, and would establish a system of licensed marijuana stores.

“This is an attempt to ensure that on an issue of such importance to the Senate, we hear from ministers early”, said Government Representative in the Senate, Senator Peter Harder. “It is also an opportunity for Canadians to see the Senate in action on such an important bill”.

C-45 is currently under debate in its second reading in the Senate. If approved by the Senate, as is expected, it will be sent to the Governor General for Royal Assent (final approval). Proponents of the bill hope to have it passed into law by July.

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4 thoughts on “Canada Senate to Hold Televised Hearing on Marijuana Legalization

  1. Dear Friends,
    We are very concerned that the legalization of marijuana has way to few limits except to protect youth from getting involved. We are talking about an addictive substance that will increase dependency and decrease overall health including mental health. We are having problems getting a neighbor to restrain their drifting smoke in the hallways and through the ceiling ways of our condo. They certainly have a right to smoke in their apartment, but they do not have a right to inflict declining health on my wife who has asthma. Smokers need to be given boundaries in shared condos just as they are at work or in other public settings. I am hearing that in law enforcement and in work settings the boundaries are still quite vague. I also understand several countries in Europe are reversing their legalization and Colorado would also like to reconsider. We need to check these realities out before rushing forwards.

    1. Mark, we’ve all heard this right wing garbage before. Eighty years of prohibition means there is always going to be the (fast dropping) 37% of Americans that want to rip pain relief from thousands of people living with Cancer or with Chronic pain.

      You should be ashamed of yourself, Mark. Go join the board of your condo so you can flex your sad inadequacy and stick to making your neighbors’ lives hell.

  2. Dear Mark,
    I agree with you some people will have issues with smokers, but if your neighbour smoked cigarettes before and it was ok with your wife Marijuana will not be worse; actually, it may help her! Why not talk to this neighbour and see if they could do vape oil instead for their ailments and let them know how it effects your wife’s condition. And also, I agree with Nick, join the Condo Board for a year or 2 and get involved with your building, so you can amend the Bylaws. Be a good neighbour and making a friend is the first step. Mark you need to educate yourself on the huge benefits of MJ to our bodies and not listen to the BS that it is addictive: coffee is addictive as it has caffeine in it. Cigarettes as well, as they contain nicotine. but MJ is not addictive as you can quit and you have zero cravings and there is no withdrawal. That BS is crap preached to us for 80 years by politicians and Drug Companies so they could stop competition for the drugs they sell, which are killing many people(Oxicotin & Opiods to name 2 that are over prescribed by our dear loving Doctors).

    1. Thanks for the comment, Edward.

      In the end, it often is just about communication. In the condo world (heck, the Suburbs world as well!), many neighbors don’t ever say a word to each other! If you approach your neighbor with the ol’ “kill ’em with kindness”-approach, as opposed to as an adversary, you’d be pretty surprised at the result, I think.

      As a smoker myself, I am conscientious of my neighbors, but also of my wife. So I use the Smoke Buddy. This thing works like crazy. Heck, if you can get a rapport with the neighbor, you could buy him one. For that matter, you could also just “anonymously gift” it to him.

      A smart smoker will get the hint.

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